Green Wood Logistics AB

The new forestry

Precision and quality

The right tree for the right purpose

Is long-term sustainable with a minimum waste, minimum transport and quality control for perfect end products

If the specific properties of the trees can be identified, maintained and taken advantage of, the value of the forest raw material will increase and the environmental impact will decrease.

Today's delivery of roundwood timber to industry takes place in a fragmented process of stand-alone activities without the handover of relevant information. By considering the delivery as a chain of cohesive activities, i.e., a process, creates great opportunities to streamline the flow while maintaining information flow.



Create control and confidence in the system

Our modular solution for the forest

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Our patented unit load carrier

1. Easy to package
2. Maintains information for traceability
3. A standardized functional solution
4. Builds trust in the system
5. Enables manageable Blockchain solution to be implemented.

In order to achieve a long-term sustainable and controlled process, we have developed and patented a load carrier, that connects to the harvester’s log file to maintain generated data related to the specific harvested logs. 

Since each load carrier is uniquely GPS marked, each individual log can therefore be traced geographically and monitored all the way to the industry.

The load carrier

- is stackable so that up to five carries can be stacked to save load space and assure that there will always be enough carries on the way to meet demand in the forest.

- is symmetrical to allow for the carrier to be loaded on the pulltruck from two directions and thereby reduce the need for marshalling surfaces. 

- is based on existing load carrier design already in use in the forest and would provide a uniform system for different needs of transportation and products 


The unit load carrier in combination with an individual unique “labelling” technique for each log provides complete traceability of both the load carrier and it’s packaged logs.

Creates conditions for a fast and easy change of intramodality

Enables gentle handling – maintained and increased value add

Craning will be reduced or even eliminated => reduced fuel consumption

Simple and rational quality control at the industry

The consideration measurement is based on the harvesting logged measures

Enables a much shorter total throughput time and reduced variation

Provides conditions for "Chain of Custody" and other identification

The vision

In the forest stands a growing amount of raw material of wood, all with identified properties.

To deliver logs with defined properties, these can now be ordered from one or more forest owners. They will together jointly carry out a harvesting operation to minimize costs. Since each log is uniquely labelled and packaged in a unique load carrier, each log will be 100% traceable back to the specific forest owner. 
Traceability ensures that payments are made to the right forest owner. It also ensures that the right product is delivered to the right customer, at the right time, without any loss of value.

This is called “Precision Forestry” and it guarantees that value add is preserved throughout the logistic supply chain from the standing tree to the industry. 

This controlled process, that the load carrier provides, ensures quality throughout the entire delivery process.

Blockchain solutions have now also been introduced. Among other things to reduce the cost of administration in today’s system and to create new business models.

Trust is now the signature of this system, since data cannot be changed or tampered with throughout the process.

IoT and traceability have now provided the necessary platform for other automated technical solutions to be developed such as for instance Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).


The unit load carrier at work

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