Green Wood Logistics AB
Our values
Innovative with the goal that it should always be easy to do the right thing first.Openness and personal accountability for long-term relationships. Green behavior in everything we do.

Our vision
A harvested tree must always be used in the way it was intended for and it must always be handled with long-term sustainability.

Our business concept
For the forest industry, we will develop and market new innovative solutions for the felling process that always generate significantly more efficient and environmental friendly precision forestry and offer customer value that generates high profitability.

Who we are?

Lennart Olving

+46 70 319 48 00

Educated civil engineer with a background in manufacturing and supply organizations in a variety of businesses and regions. With his extensive experience as a leader and his analytical ability, he has often worked in business environments that needed change. In various roles, he has delivered results in both medium-sized regional companies as well as in large international companies with billions in turnover.

Maria Drott

+46 70 664 02 91

Forest owner who, together with her sister, conducts forestry on their jointly owned forest property. She is well aware of the problems and challenges that the individual smaller forest owner faces. Trained business-oriented project manager who has been active in start-up projects in various industries.